Earth is God's biology project.

I must make it pretty clear that very few people write on such a topic. Thus, I genuinely deserve a cookie for brainstorming my brains to come up with something like this. Ah! I am a genius.

Anyway, the reason for our existence is unknown and I am glad it is so considering, I am a very lazy person to do anything heroic.  We are pins placed on the map by God or the super being who controls all of us. None of us have any clue as to why He would want to create a world like earth with each and every individual having a different life, different moments and a different personality. Why did God work so hard to create this daily soap on earth?  Just to break the monotony of His life?

Well if you go to see, somewhere God must be having a motive. I am not sure whether is evil or not (if I write its evil I am scared the world may come crashing down on me) but our lives are pretty much a mess. Yes people, I said it. And thus, I can conclude that God will be failing in his biology class.

Well am sure He worked pretty hard on this project. His teacher must have been scary threatening to not give marks for lousy work. Our evolution through years from primitive beings to smart advanced human beings now is pretty impressive. It’s a well thought a sorted process, where even the smallest creature’s existence has importance. Earth has grown from an empty land to being a rich planet partying in the luxury of development in every aspect.

Today I see movement everywhere. From a population of barely few humans per kilometers, earth has grown to become supposedly the most populated planet of all. Whether it’s a boon or a curse, I really don’t know. When we say mother earth, in way we are unknowingly referring to her correctly. She is just like us, but her body works in a much different way and for the benefit of us.

Every human being is beautiful in their way and so is earth; but she is an eternal beauty. With her scenic mountains and beautiful, clear blue rivers and dense forests, she metaphorically has the perfect nose, skin and hair of all. Beauty can be considered a selfish motto within us, but she is different. Within her beauty she manages to caress animals and us so that we live in happiness.

Good planning god.

But we are evil we are spoiling her beauty. Creating a dark spots of garbage on her face and the wrinkles of air pollution too. Her lungs are dying too. The cars and factories are smoking black smoke, emitting it right below her nose. Earth is coughing and dying. Her lungs are giving out and we are not helping her by cutting a part of them every day just for our selfish needs. And if you are confused how, wake up, I am talking about trees.

That’s what I mean when I say our lives are a mess.

But God is not completely failing.

He has created something evil, unintentionally, which is worth the Nobel Prize. His invention is US. Yes, I said it again. We are evil.

It’s like we trying to create robots. We are giving them artificial intelligence and apparently we are giving them the easy instructions to rule us. When we make the first robot, his kind is probably going to forget we have made them for our convenience, but instead we will be rubbing our noses on their feet.  Well, that’s exactly what has happened eh? We have forgotten that our creator is mortal and very powerful. But yet we disrespect all the beautiful things he has given us and even abuse the love and luxury he has showered on us.
Thus, we are a pathetic biology project. But god as already started trying to amend us. The earth is ill. The volcanoes are sneezing and the sky is having emotional changes thus is crying continuously. The oceans are psychologically disturbed and thus are throwing the anger around us. But do we care?

I don’t think so.

It’s an epidemic. It’s a severe mixture of viral fever, chicken pox and nausea. But at an even larger scale.


Well, now Gods model has a beginning, a situation and a problem. But I am sure his school is better than ours. Thus, his teacher can cut some slack for not having a solution. But he is God; he has a plan like always. That doesn’t mean we continue to be reckless. We do owe an apology to earth folks. We shall rather start amending are actions before Lord gets furious enough to send us down the hell highway.
But I still do have a question in mind.

What we are not the only biology project?

Yes people, I won’t be able to sleep tonight either thinking that someone is out there just like me, probably even watching me on their technologically advanced screens at ALL times. Our existence to them is as much as a mystery their existence is to us.

Well do we know what may come for us in the near future?

I must say, it’s scary to think we are not all alone in this wide universe but it is scarier if we are all alone.

PS- God, according to my assessment your project is well done, but it needs a little help and work. So I give it 8 out of 10 cause its not completely your fault you wanted us to have the treasures you could provide.


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