Falling for you: Part 3

2 April.
01:00 AM

The divinity around her was infectious. She was so different. Not like the other girls; artificial and clingy. She was unique with her messy jet black hair falling onto her shoulders and the clinking of the bracelets, bangles and bands she wore. Her weird dressing sense. No fashion critic would look at her with her grey dress with sunflower prints paired with old grey boots.

 So subtle like a fairy. The aura of pride around her was mysterious and the way she talked was amusing. With those quick hand moments and her cute ringing giggle, she managed to mesmerize me. I am sure I must have made a fool of myself by suddenly stopping and staring.

She is that beautiful, can I help it eh?

Moving here was never easy. Leaving my old mates and home was a bad as losing a pet. It is never good, is it? I thought I would never get any good friends. But then I found Mia. Or did she find me?

I am not really sure how I feel. When I looked at her first she seemed unreal. Gazing down at the grass with that inquisitive look on her face she radiated calmness and her eyes..ah… I could drown in their dark silence. So mysterious and black were they that they could transform you to the lull of sleep.

Okay, am positively going crazy. May be I should just go to sleep now. My brain is working to hard by thinking about her. Is she thinking about me too? I mean she could be asleep right now considering already midnight, but what if she is awake?

When she turned up to look at me, her brown locks flew up and fell onto her face. Her confused look and those watery dazzled eyes stared at me as if looking right into my soul.
And my heartbeat rose.

And when I caught her hand, I was dizzy and all I could see is her face and tiny luminous dots fly around. My knees were jelly and I could feel my heart trying to break out of my chest.
It felt scary, yet beautiful.            

I should really go off to sleep.

2:00 AM

Why am I not sleepy? Who are you prince charming that you are not allowing me to sleep? Oh! I am poetic at night. Well, Mark. I think I know it but I just don’t want to accept it. Well he has those crystal blue eyes and soft dark hair. The way they flutter in the wind are so adorable and then settle in a messy top.

He is the guy from my dreams.

Not metaphorically, but really.

Well, universe you where sending me signals all along. Now that I have got someone to rescue me from my high rise tower, do I have a problem now?

Does he feel the same?

I am not really sure. Universe sending wrong messages and dreams or karma are you laughing there again? I don’t want to break my heart. Am sure he can’t like a girl like me. He is way too beautiful and soft. And me? Just not presentable. He is so beautiful.
Am sure he doesn’t like me. I should continue liking my books.

4 August
“Your too shy mark. Say something.” Laughed Mia, excitedly. They were on the bridge. The moon high above shinning with the divinity it owned. It illuminated the sky and the stars complemented him like maids dressing up their queen. the water below the bridge was shimmering and every drop seemed to be a polished diamond. In the lull of the night stood two lovers as the mother bird sang a lullaby to her babies.

“Am not shy but speechless”

Mia raised her eyebrow. She half smiled as his hand slid into hers. He held it tightly like he feared letting her go. His thumb caressed the back off her hand.

“you are way too beautiful” Mia blushed and looked at her feet. As they walked back and forth, Mia and mark both blushed. Soon the blushes faded and Mia knew what thought was clouding her mind. They walked in silence still. Hand in hand. Unwilling to leave.

“when are you going Mark?”

“I don’t want to.”

“when are you going mark?” Mia repeated emphasizing on when.

“in a week.” Mark said softly.

“how far is your college?” Mia asked firmly.

“50 kms away”

“Not a lot of distance” Mia consoled herself.

“Not a lot of time either”

“am sure you will have fun. After all literature is your dream.”

Mark sighed. Finally he spoke. “we both will be too busy. Will this work out?”

“yes it will. Give it a shot.” With that Mia stood on the toes and planted a soft kiss on Marks cheek.

“remember me.”

“will always do.” And a little sparkling tear fell from Marks eye.

“we will soon have a rose garden. Where you and me will still and talk for hours. When you shall return, I will be waiting here waiting to run into your arms.”

“you better do little miss Shakespeare”  Mark slid his hand around her waist as they stood their looking up at the moon. Enjoying each other’s presence and touch. Loving being in love and dreading the future.

Mia stood in Mark’s arms as their breaths matched and the time ticked by. Sadness swelled in both their hearts. The distance would be painful and an emptiness of his absence would be felt.

Mark will go soon and she will be all alone.

Few words- teenage love is the purest in many ways. The expectations, disappointments and the sweet moments fortify the bond. Missing your partner and dreaming to be with them not only makes it magical but when it occurs its very much real. So enjoy each moment. And when any hurdle stops you, cross it hand in hand.


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